23 years of marketing, advertising and publishing experience. A hybrid background in writing, brand strategy and creative services on the agency side. Refined knowledge of the technology industry. Versatile in all media from print to TV to Web. Published author and meditation teacher. Friendly, client-facing and reliable.




Supervised teams of art directors, writers and developers to service the creative and marketing needs of a multimillion-dollar technology advertising account.


Wrote and supervised creative development of four TV commercials with 10 separate shooting sets, 18 actors, a crew of 70, and an international production team.


Directed the creation and implementation of a comprehensive new corporate identity system for a risk management firm with 55,000 employees. 

Created national marketing program for the high-profile U.S. visit of a major Tibetan Buddhist spiritual leader, including development of a dynamic web site and blog, email marketing, print collateral, and grassroots marketing. Events in four U.S. cities sold nearly 20,000 tickets.

Wrote and self-published a successful book on Buddhist philosophy and meditation, and narrated the audiobook.


Developed positioning statement, brand personality, and tagline for a major U.S. satellite service provider. Branded and relaunched the same company’s portfolio of services and products, with multimedia campaigns and communications across consumer, business, and government segments.


Prolific blogger and manager of social media channels with a following of 30,000.


Managed an advertising agency's corporate communications, including promotional campaigns and public relations efforts.


Authored and produced hundreds of new business proposals for two world-leading branding and advertising agencies, helping to generate several million dollars in annual revenue.


Worked closely with the most popular Buddhist teacher in North America on numerous projects. Planned and managed an intensive, seven-week residential retreat with this teacher for 40 participants and staff.






We are all looking for greater meaning and wisdom in our lives. The problem is that we search for these things outside ourselves. The most profound teachings of the Buddha say that the wisdom we search for does not come from outside. It is already within us; it is our very nature. The spiritual path is simply a way of helping us uncover and manifest the wisdom we already have.


Filled with personal stories, guided meditations, and more, You Are Buddha offers a practical guide to learning meditation, working with thoughts and emotions, becoming more deeply embodied, understanding the nature of mind, developing ethical conduct, and becoming an authentically mature, awakened human being.


Available in multiple formats: paperback, ebook, and audiobook (narrated by the author).



“Combining insight into the spiritual path with engaging personal anecdotes, this book introduces Buddhist practices and philosophy to support whatever path you're on.” - Susan Piver, Founder, The Open Heart Project, best-selling author of The Wisdom of a Broken Heart


“This book speaks about the nature of our mind and the spiritual path in a very fresh and personal way, making profound insights and practices readily accessible.... There is no need to label oneself a Buddhist to benefit from this book and discover the basic nature that we all share.” - Khenpo Karl Brunnhölzl, author of The Heart Attack Sutra


“Starting from the most profound understanding of the Buddha's teachings, You Are Buddha offers an elegant and practical guide to bringing these insights into your daily life.” - Andy Karr, author of Contemplating Reality